FASTAID R2 Workplace Response Metal Wall Mount First Aid Kit

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    Complies with WHS 2012 Regulations for Workplaces. Standard workplace kit that contains contents specific to WHS requirements for Australian workplaces. Entry level kit for workplaces where additional risks do not exist.

    Kit Includes:

    1 x adhesive strips, plastic, 72 x 19mm, pk50
    4 x antiseptic alcohol wipe/swab, sterile
    1 x antiseptic liquid, 50ml spray
    1 x antiseptic wipe/swab, sterowipe, non-sting, alcohol free, sterile
    5 x hydrogel burn gel sachet, 3.5g
    1 x cold pack instant, large, boxed
    1 x combine dressing, 10 x 20cm, sterile
    3 x conforming bandage, 5cm, white
    3 x conforming bandage, 7.5cm, white
    1 x crepe bandage, heavy, 10cm, brown
    4 x eye pads, sterile, pk1
    8 x eye wash ampoule, 30ml
    1 x forceps, splinter, stainless steel, 12.5cm
    5 x gauze swab, 7.5 x 7.5cm, sterile, pk5
    5 x gloves disposable large (2’s)
    1 x large plastic bag, resealable, 230 x 305mm
    1 x leaflet, CPR flowchart
    1 x leaflet, emergency first aid information
    1 x medium plastic bag, resealable, 150 x 230mm
    1 x non-adherent dressing, 10cm x 10cm
    3 x non-adherent dressing, 10cm x 7.5cm
    6 x non-adherent dressing, 5cm x 5cm
    1 x notebook with pencil
    1 x paper tape, 2.5cm x 9m, hypo-allergenic white
    6 x povi iodine swabs
    1 x rescue/thermal blanket silver space
    1 x resuscitation face shield, disposable
    1 x safety pins card of 12 assorted
    1 x scissors, stainless steel, 12.5cm, sharp/blunt
    1 x small plastic bag, resealable, 100 x 125mm
    1 x splinter probe, 4cm disposable
    2 x triangular bandage, cotton, large, 110cm
    1 x wound closure strips, 6x75mm, 5 pack
    1 x wound dressing, #14 sterile
    1 x wound dressing, #15 sterile

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